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NOT Glamping at El Cosmico (my tent not shown here)
NOT Glamping at El Cosmico (my tent not shown here)
November 01, 2020

I spend the night in Marfa to break up the drive back to Austin from Lordsburg, New Mexico.

To be clear, I am NOT glamping. I AM sleeping in my two-person REI tent, on the ground, like a budget-conscious road tripper. But the glamping tents are very picturesque and the nice thing about the El Cosmico campground is that it is mostly empty, there is an outdoor lean-to kitchen with sink and hot plate, and the local grocery store does curb-side pick up. Everyone in Marfa is wearing masks. There is no hospital here so preventing or at least limiting contact with locals is essential.

A pack of javelinas hangs around in the tall grass at the entrance to the campground and we startle each other every time I have to go to my car after dark. I hear them rooting around and squealing in alarm at night.

I'm here on a Sunday-Monday again, so I will not get to revisit the Chinati Foundation on this trip through Texas. The good news is that it never changes.